About online events

Online events service is an integration between business services provider and an online education platform. The main purpose is to provide educational online events and business online meetings to customers or learners all over Sweden. It can also be extended to cover any place around the world as it’s using the internet for the delivery.

Candidates / learners no longer need to travel or move from one place to another to attend lectures or activities related to business, accounting or management.

We would like also to mention that the European Regional Development Fund (EU:s regionala utvecklingsfond) has contributed in co-financing the development of this service.

What distinguishes these events and lectures:

  • It’s free to join general or public events, and does not require any registration fees.
  • The event can contain more than one online lecture.
  • The lecture duration ranges between one to two hours.
  • Events are often on holidays and free times.
  • The lecture is delivered and administered by a specialized distance learning platform, and does not require installing a third party app or software.
  • Learners can access the event from any computer or mobile device.
  • learners can access the event from any Internet connection available, at work or at home.
  • The lecture allows direct communication between learners and the lecturer, without any other intermediary.
  • We do not share learners personal details with any third party or organization without having approval from the learners.

Events topics

Upcoming events under online public category will focus on explaining the basic principles and information concerning new and existing companies, which include the following:

  • Types of companies and differences between them.
  • Companies registration in Sweden (Bolagsverket).
  • Company registration with tax authority (Skatteverket).
  • Taxes types and percentage.
  • Accounting and financial reporting required from companies.
  • Labor taxes in Sweden.
  • Project idea and work plan.
  • Financing projects.
  • Methods of marketing and promotion of the project.

Online events do not only stand for general topics and small lectures, it can be extended to reach more advanced topics or courses by adding detailed contents, schedules, attendance reports and registration and study fees.

We would like to point out that free events are always free, but paid events might be listed with fees. This info will be visible clearly on the event’s description page and within registration form.

We need to have your approval before joining the service, so it is important that you read our Terms and Conditions, Events Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy before joining the service. The pages links will be required while you register a new account on our website or when you try to join the service.

You can visit Upcoming events page to find our upcoming events and lectures.

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