Professional not amateurs

Accounting is a science and art

Every science has basics, laws and regulations that govern it, and accounting is a science also, which means that it should be taken from universities, colleges and professional studies first before practicing it. It’s not a profession that you can acquire by practical application only, like hair styling, blacksmiths, carpentry or other professions.

In many developed countries, including Sweden, all types of professions have a guided study path with specializations. It can take a years, depending on the type of occupations, their nature, and their impact on the community. Cooking school for example needs a license and special certificate to work with, as well as for blacksmiths, carpentry and other professions.

Few people think that many careers including accounting doesn’t not need a higher study or a special certificate, it can be practiced directly on customers or after reading a few articles from the internet! The productivity of an educated employee is way above the uneducated one, it significantly affects the stability and the quality of the finished jobs.

Qualified Accountant

There is a huge gape between a qualified and unqualified accountant. You don’t want to hand over your business records like sales, customers invoices and tax reports, which are a big responsibility and a sensitive issue directly to someone who is not qualified, and does not have the scientific knowledge base and the required experience.

That financial and tax affairs are a critical issues in Sweden. It should not remain subject to the actions of people who claim knowledge and experience. They are trying to make a profit by risking the others’ future and exposing them to penalties or fees.

Scientific qualification and long experience are the main keys to performing stable financial and tax services. Transparency, responsibility and commitment are what you’re going to get when dealing with NextGates Business.

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