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Security and data protection

Every profession or business has its own secrets, which should be kept safe, and out of reach by others, especially the competitors with the same or similar activities.

The news are full of stories about a companies which were able to smash their competitors, and get them out of the competition, because they managed to leak information about them, how they work, their future plans, as well as their strength and weakness points.

The data is stored in the company, and it is concerning all of the individuals and customers connected to. It’s usually categorized into different levels, which means that a company employee might have a limited access, while other one has different access level, especially when it concerns critical areas of the company’s activity workflow.

The business solution companies usually know a lot of details about their clients business, because they are working together with owners, managers and accountant in different areas like production procedures, reviewing and analyzing financial statements, working on contracts, making agreements, consultants regarding business studies, marketing, personal development and even technical issues. The access to such information is critical and business owners should always look for legal companies that implies to privacy policies, GDPR regulations and implement high security procedures to clients data.

Information security

Based on necessity of data protection, a new science and technology have arise, and have been developed, which is the information security. It is now studied at universities and colleges to cover every sector of commercial business and industry.

It is very important to preserve the secrets of clients, avoid leaking or dealing with them recklessly, even if the information is normal to you, it might be very important for someone else.

We are at NextGates Business fully aware of the importance of this subject, therefore we follow a strict procedures to secure and maintain the privacy of our clients information, starting by using a secured platforms, private communication, highly trained staff and secure archiving system.

Be sure that your business and privacy are fully secured when dealing with NextGates Business.

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