Accounting and Business Solutions

Register a new company in Sweden

Registering a new company in Sweden is the first step to get license to start your business activities.

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Taxes services and financial statements

Financial statements are the submitted reports that reveal your financial position. These reports are usually requested by taxes authorities.

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Prepare feasibility studies

Feasibility study is a tool aims to evaluate a new or running business idea, It’s main concern to estimate the value, costs..

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Reorganization structure

Some companies has a serious issues like losses, small growth ratio, low quality, decrease in sales, decrease in market share etc….

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Perform marketing and promotional campaigns

The goal of any project is to make a profit, or a material return from it. Marketing is one of most effective tool for reaching customers and consumers.

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Evaluate ideas and projects

In Sweden, as in most countries of the developed world, there are different organizations interested in adopting new ideas and projects.

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Commercial correspondence

It’s not a secret that working in the field of international trade is one of the most profitable sectors, in terms of high profit margin,

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Customs clearance

Swedish Import operations are very vital, due to the large volume of trade between Sweden and different countries of the world, Whether inside EU countries or outside.

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