Commercial correspondence


It’s not a secret that working in the field of international trade is one of the most profitable sectors, in terms of high profit margin, the turnover speed of capital, and the decline of fixed capital. It’s also clear to everyone, that the completion of this type of work, requires special language skills, and different other tools. It starts from the experience, to the use of appropriate legal and commercial expressions, which are usually used in this type of work, to ensure the achievement of the desired results, and guarantee rights among contracting parties.

Accessing global commercial agencies on reasonable terms, enables businessmen to achieve large private profits, if they were able to make a legal agreements, and contracts with the owners of these brands or global agencies. Reasonable terms can ensure high economic return for investors.

Our solutions

Next Gates AB Business is pleased to offer its customers a unique range of business communication services:

  • Communicate with international business companies to complete business transactions (import and export around the world)
  • Communicate with local and international bodies on the issues of commercial property rights for international brands and trademarks and the protection of websites and their contents.
  • Communicate with the owners of international brands and international agencies to obtain access to commercial and international agencies.
  • Communicate with the competent authorities in the European Union countries to open branches of Swedish companies in the countries of the European Union or in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries.

We guarantee a professional commercial correspondence services that give you a higher results than your expectations. Call now ! NextGates Business team is ready to help you.

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