Customs clearance


Swedish Import operations are very vital, due to the large volume of trade between Sweden and different countries of the world, Whether inside EU countries or outside.

European Union, with its institutions, has long sought to unify tariffs between its various maritime, air, and land ports. There has been an almost uniform tariff policy, which is constantly evolving and has a special system.

Our solutions

We are ready to offer different types of customs services, which can be summarized accordingly:

  • Study the possibility of importing these products or not.
  • Calculation of tariffs on products.
  • Customs clearance of imported goods.
  • Provide customs and legal advice about the country’s best import, based on special economic agreements between some countries and European Union countries. It provides the opportunity for stronger competition in the Swedish or European market for your products.

There are many businessmen and companies wishing to enter this sector of business, but are reluctant because of ignorance of procedures, laws in this area, and diversity.

Do not hesitate to enter this huge sector of business. Don’t miss one of the largest profitable sectors in Sweden at all, which its trade estimation are in billions of dollars.

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